About us


PT Hanania Ekspor Indonesia is a leading supplier and exporter of charcoal and charcoal derivative products. We control every step of sourcing to manufacturing and quality controlling of every order that comes our way, to make sure we deliver the best.


Our briquette charcoal are 100% coconut shell charcoal with no added chemical, whilst our white Binchotan charcoal are made from Indonesian coffee wood that promises a lot more benefit than regular binchotan on the market. We supply our charcoal in bulk and are able to ship to any destination worldwide. We can also take custom order of our charcoal in term of sizes and specifications, we can also make a custom designed packaging according to our customer preferences.

Our Mission

To transform agricultural waste into sustainable value-added materials/products for everyday living and other agricultural applications.


As by-products, our material are the perfect materials to go along our commitment to be eco-friendly to environment.

We are working closely with farmers and social cooperatives, as well as major producers, such relationships ensure a scalable and consistent supply of raw materials.

Our Vision

To be the leading supplier and exporter of charcoal and charcoal derivative products in Indonesia, worldwide.


We continue to strive to provide our customers the best support and products, to also continue our partnership with select manufacturer to keep delivering the highest quality of products whilst commiting to eco-friendly commitment.